Essential Oils

I was introduced to Essential Oils over two years ago when I started seeing some of my favorite bloggers talk about them and all the wonderful benefits that came along with using essential oils. As someone who loved my tide, candles, fabric softeners, and perfume, I rolled my eyes and skipped through most of the social media posts relating to these “magical oils.”


Fast forward a couple years, I am married with a toddler! Once I had my daughter, I started paying more attention to the ingredients in the products I was bringing into my home. I was so confused why all these baby specific products had chemicals that were potentially harmful to my daughter. That is when I decided to make a change.

I bought my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living in January of 2018 after seeing one of my favorite bloggers Liz Joy from Pure Joy Home share about how much the oils were benefiting herself and her family. I decided what the heck. I joined Liz’s team and go my kit and was hooked from day 1! We slowly started ditching and switching all of our household products from cleaning supplies, personal care products, makeup, and baby products. I feel so much better about what is in my house and it’s one less thing to worry about. And as a busy mom, there is nothing better than that.

starter kit_edited

Once you purchase your starter kit you’ll join an amazing team full of like-minded people. You’ll also get access to our exclusive Facebook groups with resources, classes, education and more! You’ll also receive the wholesale member discount for life and have the option to sign up for the monthly wellness box subscription which will give you points back and free products (who doesn’t love that?!). I will also send you a fun welcome package with some goodies and resources to help you get started.

But WAIT there’s MORE! Once you get your kit, you’ll have the option of selling. You never ever have to sell if you don’t want to, but that option is always there.

What are you waiting for? To get your Starter Kit click here.